Consider this claim by President Schapiro:

Most of the people who work at Williams could earn more money elsewhere.

This just isn’t true or, at least, it isn’t true in any meaningful way. For starters, most of the 2,000 or so employees at Williams are in support jobs that have close comparables elsewhere in the Berkshires. Is Morty claiming that Williams pays its custodians less than they could earn at Mass MOCA, its dining hall workers less than those at MCLA? I doubt it, and I hope not! While I don’t think that Williams should pay more than the market wage for such jobs, I can’t think of a good reason to pay less.

So, presumably, Morty is referring to faculty. But a (vast?) majority of the Williams faculty could not get a better paying job elsewhere. Indeed, most tenured faculty could not get tenure at a place anywhere near as nice (in terms of salary, benefits, teaching load, research resources) as Williams. Of course, this is by no means true for all faculty. Indeed, each year Williams loses professors — recent departures include Gary Jacobsohn, Tim Cook and Kim Bruce — who are certainly getting paid as much if not more by their new employers as they were by Williams.

I don’t intend this to be a mean-spirited post. As the link to Jacobsohn above demonstrates, I still look back fondly on the education that the Williams faculty provided to me. In fact, I think that some more money should be directed toward the faculty.

But, if you want to think clearly about how Williams is run and how it ought to be run, you need to get your facts straight. Morty certainly knows the facts. He would be better off levelling with the rest of us.

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