One of EphBlog’s favorite windmills to tilt at is the history of housing at Williams and, in particular, how Mission went from being 40% sophomores in 1985-86 to 90% by 1989-90(?). See previous discussion here. The main progress we have made is to determine the classes of 1990 and 1991 seem to be key to the story. By the class of 1992 (sophomore year 1989-90), Mission was already mostly sophomore.

Derek Charles Catsam ’93 was kind enough to send in these memories.

I honestly am a bit blurry about the whole housing situation during my years. It changed at least once in a major way in terms of how affiliation worked, and then was in the process of changing my senior year, when i lived in a coop. I took a fairly representative Williams path through housing, going from the Quad to mission to Greylock to a co-op. I affiliated with one of the Graylock houses in the end-of-frosh-year lottery, but traded into Mission for sophomore year. Asd i say, it was a system very much in flux, and the rigorous affiliation system that once prevailed had given way to what i recall as being a bit of a mishmash. Some people who had no interest in Mission did end up going and affiliating with houses with more character and rose through the ranks to get better and better room sin the most desireable places. I just wanted to be near a lot of my friends. I doubt this will be of much use.

Can anyone from the classes of 1989, 1990 and 1991 help us out?

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