Aidan, Republican?

Maybe it was the recent film Batman Begins that got me thinking, but are we all only a tragedy away from voting Republican? I’d vote for someone that was going to crack down on crime, put more police on the streets, and lock up dangerous Rican teenagers from Jamaica Plain. But, I feel a bit of rage. This was my car, a car that I’ve loved, lavished care on, washed and waxed, a car that has felt my touch for thousands of miles. And to see it cracked open, window smashed into turquoise gimlets, seats rudely forced back, the steering column violated, really pissed me off. Who would do that?

I blame anchor housing. For the record, I’ll note that Aidan and I drive the same make car and go to the same dealer for service. Aidan was also, I believe, head of BMAC at Williams (as was my wife) and now does research in the same building that she worked in a decade or more ago.

Aidan Finely ’04: A little like Dave Kane ’88, a little like Kay (Fang) Kane ’89. The conclusion is inescapable: Aidan is the son we never had.

By the way, if you aren’t reading Aidan’s blog everyday, then you aren’t really reading the web.

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