Derek Charles Catsam ’93 writes movingly of his times as a rugger in South Africa. He also mentions Williams:

Now keep in mind, all through college I had thought of rugby players as being akin to, say, the chess club, or more generously, the Ultimate Frisbee team. In college, these were the former high school athletes who knew they were never going to play a sport in college but still fancied themselves jocks. They drank during their games. We drank after winning NCAA competitions on Saturdays. They were from Venus. We were from a planet that did not suck at sports. I had friends who played rugby, just as I had friends who were sociology majors and friends who were Yankees fans. But these were not the sorts of things you brought up in polite company.

Back in the day, the runners at Williams drank on more than Saturdays. But perhaps things changed by the 90’s.

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