DeWitt Clinton ’97 has a fun entry on bloggers worth reading. Of his top 10, 3 are featured on Eph Planet, including Laura McMillian ’02, Stephen O’Grady ’97 and EphBlog’s own genius site administrator Eric Smith ’99.

What do all of these people have in common? For one they are all intelligent and articulate. They all write using complete sentences, proper grammar, and correct spelling. They are all looking at the world around them and all willing to voice their opinions. They form their own opinions, and not just link to someone elses opinion. They write frequently. They are all usually pretty humble about it. And mostly, all of these people seem to push themselves every day. I respect that.

So who do you read? And as importantly, why?

Excellent questions. I read Aidan because no Eph writes better. Who do you read?

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