The best part of EphBlog is often the anonymous comments. In this thread, a reader claims that:

[A] number of faculty are leaving the college soon, at least according to rumors on Spring Street. They are: Mark Taylor, Goethals, Kassin, Kotchen, Love and Stamelman.

True? I have no idea. Rumors about Taylor have been a staple of the College for decades. He could easily get another position somewhere else, but would his wife Dinny be offered a position comparable to her current job as Chief Technology Officer at Williams? Maybe, maybe not. Dual career couples have made it much more difficult for universities to poach each other’s faculty, relative to 30 years ago.

Goethals, at 61 or so, is near retirement age for Williams in any event. Perhaps he is planning to, like Jim Burns, retire from Williams and then take a new position elsewhere. Goethals is also one of the highest paid people at Williams ($219,000 in 2003). It seems unlikely that any place would be paying him much more than that. So, if he does leave, it probably isn’t about the money.

Love and Kotchen have only been at Williams (economics) for two years, but both are doing fine on the publication front, so both could probably get economic appointments elsewhere. But junior professors generally stay for more than 2 years at their first job, so I’d wager that they will be here until 2007 at least. Have their spouses found good employment in Williamstown?

Rampant speculation and rumor-mongering is, as always, welcome in the comments.

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