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Drezner ’90 Blogging Advice

Dan Drezner ’90 weighs in on the risks and rewards of blogging for junior academics.

To graduate students: I’d like to say that Ivan the Tribble [who warns junior scholars not to blog] is your classic piece of outlying data, but I can’t. The default assumption you should make is that the academy has a lot of people who share the Tribble worldview of the blogosphere. I seriously doubt that any amount of reasoned discourse will alter this worldview. So think very, very, very carefully about the costs and benefits of blogging under one’s own name.

No word yet on how Sarah Hart ’02, Geoff Hutchinson ’99 or Derek Charles Catsam ’93 feel about this. I’ll note that fellow Eph Blogger David Nickerson ’97 is the soul of discretion in his well-reasoned and data-focussed posts. The blogosphere would be a much less informative place if young scholars like he and Richard Dunn ’02 felt constrained from participating.