Someone — Esa, Dave, or someone else entirely — requested pictures of the construction around campus. I am always happy to oblige and take some pictures (in this case 23 pictures) of Williams, so this time I took pictures of all the construction I could find. At the end there are pictures of the new theatre and the recently constructed turf field, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. We’ll start with an instantly recognizable spot:

Sawyer Porch? Veranda? Whatever it was called, it isn’t a very pleasant spot anymore.

Lots more pictures are in the extended entry. Lots.

Sawyer “Lawn”

Between Hopkins Hall and the Chapel

Leading up to the Odd Quad

Currier has a new staircase.

Another view of Sawyer “Lawn”

What is that group of people, you ask? Oh, an Admissions tour, of course. I am not joking.

Baxter “Lawn” and the chain-link fence in front of Sage. Note that the students working on campus all summer live in Sage, and the kids who come for Nike sports camp for a week live in Williams.

This is slightly to the left of the view above — Baxter “Lawn,” the trailer, the toilets, and oh yes, Morty’s house, visible through the crane.

The back of the Music Center, taken standing on the doorstep of Lehman East.

This is just to the left of the one above, this one taken standing on the doorstep of Lehman West. The headquarters of the Economics department are in that yellow building, and the back of Sawyer is barely visible behind the crane (the brick part).

Stetson. This is where they are blasting. There are signs up all over that say this many whistles means it is this long until the blast, etc. When I was walking out of the mail room building last week, I felt the ground shake as they detonated the dynamite. Cool.

This is to the left of the previous view, with Dodd in the background.

Lehman, the mail room building, and another trailer. (This is basically turning around and looking the other way from the last picture.)

Sage A from Park Street, the chapel, the congregational church, and the construction.

A better view of the project, with Sawyer in the background (taken through the fence on the edge of Park Street).

This is just to the right of the view above.

Morty’s house is not immune to the construction.

That’s an understatement — they’re taking down the tree you see here with the limbs already removed. Security is there.

The sprayed-on grass grew somewhat.

In case you haven’t seen the new theatre, it looks… just like the artist’s rendition of what it would look like before it was built (this is the entrance to the Main Stage).

This is to the left of the previous image (this is the entrance to the Nikos Stage).

The turf field

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