Sarah Hart ’02 needs our help.

i forgot to mention that i went wedding dress shopping this past saturday. nothing too crazy — my sister and i just went to 2 stores that were fairly local (raleigh) and i tried on maybe 10 dresses, total. nothing jumped out at me as ‘the’ dress, unfortunately, but i did like a couple that i tried on. i’m just wondering — how long do i make attempts to find ‘the’ dress before giving up and realizing that ‘the’ dress may not exist, at least in my price range? (readers with experience, i’d love some guidance here.)

Kleinfeld is the answer, although perhaps not convient for Sarah. I clearly recall a pleasant three hours spent reading a book outside their Brooklyn store while my lovely wife shopped like mad 13 years ago. She did indeed find “the dress.” Sarah also mentions that there are

10 months and 12 days until our wedding and we’re already worried about finding a photographer. i tell you, wedding planning-world is an insane universe unlike anything i’ve experienced before. new lingo, new values — and i feel like such an idiot in a sea of well-trained brides who have been planning Their Big Day since they were in kindergarten.

Not that there is anything wrong with that! Indeed, I am already collecting anecdotes and pictures for my daughters’ rehearsal dinners. My wife has also decided that, whatever else might happen, there will be fireworks.

One serious piece of advice I have is to get a videographer. It may seem weird and strange, but you will be glad you did.

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