A recent article co-authored by Economics Professor Jon Bakija seems interesting:

Well-heeled retirees often relocate to warmer climes in search of sunny skies and year-round golfing, but they also move to avoid paying higher taxes, says a University of Michigan economist.

A new study by Joel Slemrod of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business and colleague Jon Bakija of Williams College suggests that wealthy elderly people change their real (or reported) state of residence to avoid paying high state taxes, particularly those that target estates and inheritance, as well as purchases.

High personal income taxes and property taxes levied by states also give upper-bracket taxpayers additional incentives to pack up their bags and head for places with lower, less progressive tax rates.

The College often arranges faculty lectures, either at reunion and home-coming week-ends or at alumni meetings around the country. Why not ask Bakija to speak on this topic? The College has every incentive to help its wealthy alums save money from the tax man . . .

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