Brian Morrissey ’09 gets some good press here

“He is a spectacular kid, and he meant a ton to the program,” said GDA head football coach Mark Gerry. “He worked incredibly hard, on and off the field. He is a real student of the game. He is patient, smart, and understands what everyone on the field is doing. He is always pushing himself to get better. Every preseason he comes into camp in top physical condition. He inspires other kids to work harder.”

Gerry is class of 1979. We need to get the Eph Football Mafia organized one of these days.

Morrissey, an honor roll student at GDA, hopes to continue to do the same at Williams College next year. The Winchester resident also plans to play football there.

“It’s going to be tough giving up hockey, but Williams has a real good football and lacrosse program,” said Morrissey. “I knew that by going to a Division III school that I would get the chance to play both sports. Williams also has great academics.”

Morrissey has an interest in reading and writing and says he is considering majoring in English and may even pursue teaching. “I’m not a numbers guy, and writing is something that I enjoy,” he said.

Not a numbers guy, eh? I’ve tried to learn my lesson about tying a general discussion of Williams policies to specific individuals, so I have nothing to say on this.

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