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New Book from Scott Wong

History Professor Scott Wong’s latest book, Americans First: Chinese Americans and the Second World War, is out from Harvard University Press.

World War II was a watershed event for many of America’s minorities, but its impact on Chinese Americans has been largely ignored. Utilizing extensive archival research as well as oral histories and letters from over one hundred informants, K. Scott Wong explores how Chinese Americans carved a newly respected and secure place for themselves in American society during the war years.

The book gets a nice mention here, but I haven’t been able to find any substantive reviews. I gave Wong a bit of a hard time during the Nigaleian furor of last fall, but any Williams faculty member writing on matters military is alright with me.

As noted before, Dean of the Faculty Tom Kohut is interested in bringing the work of Williams faculty to a wider audience. Wong’s book might be a nice place to start.