Steve Farley ’85 is running for city council in Tuscon.

“He can make things happen, and it’s not in the traditional political way,” says local attorney Clague Van Slyke III, who worked with Farley on the light-rail proposition. “He has great ideas; he has a lot of vision, and he can get things done by bringing people together. And I don’t think he’d be hidebound by traditional political ties.”

Farley calls his campaign an experiment: “Can a person who really cares about the issues and really wants to get things done get elected to office when he’s honest about what he wants to do?”

On the plus side, Farley has a campaign blog (on which he is an active commentator) and is married to Regina Kelly ’86. What more do the voters in Tuscon need to know? On the minus side, he seems to be a fan of light rail transit, one the largest boondoggles of local finance.

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