Great interview with former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent ’60. Best part:

Q: President Bush was one of your main supporters when the owners forced you out. What do you recall from that time, and would he make a good baseball commissioner?

A: He was interested in being commissioner at one point.

I lived in his house one summer when I was a kid, working for his father in the oil business. I knew George President 43 when he was nine years old.

I wrote about his being very supportive of me in a book I published. He read the book and called me and said ‘it was a very nice chapter I did on him.’ He said, ‘but you weren’t even in the room. The things they called you, the names they used about you.’ He said ‘Fay, I could write the chapter better than you did because I was there.’ I said, ‘I have a feeling you’ll do a book someday Mr. President, and you can straighten it out.’

I think loyalty is a great asset. He was enormously loyal to me and I’m loyal to him. He was a very good owner, he cared a lot about the game. I told someone a great story about him and Palmeiro. One day I was in Texas with George Bush watching the game. We were seated in a box next to the dugout, Palmeiro was a big star for Texas in those days — they had (Ruben) Sierra, they had a bunch of Hispanic players, Juan Samuel, they could all hit. The game went into extra innings, it was about 120 degrees, it was just brutal. In the 12th, Palmeiro was coming up, and George said to him ‘Raffy, the commissioner is tired, he wants to go home. Let’s get this game over. Why don’t you hit one out and we’ll all go to bed.’ Raffy goes out and, don’t you know, he hits a home run. He comes around and comes by the dugout and the now-president says ‘Good job, we’re all out of here.’

Baseball fans should read the whole thing.

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