M. Esa Seegulam ’06 has an inspirational post:

And one by one, the voices of discontent rise from the graveyard of emaciated, spent, purple bodies. But crying one by one does nothing. It is time to get names. It is time we found out who our tormentors are. Who makes the decisions that work so well to suffocate the backbone of this institution? Who decides that houses will re-open on inconvenient days, that students will be housed in buildings that may well be deemed cruel and unusual forms of punishment for summer-time, construction-time, bulldozing-time, steel-cutting-time living? Which ogre is stirring a cauldron looking down at us and laughing? And how can we, as students, best turn the tables and pour some salt on this worm? Without the students, this campus will be destroyed, so we must get this snake before it gets us. For all those of you angry, bitter, disenchanted souls out there who feel that somehow the gold in your cow has dried up to more of a piss-colored yellow, know that there is strength in numbers. And this fall, I am going snake hunting. I shall begin my hunt on the trail of the Grand Dame of Student Dissatisfaction. My anti-venom shall be a little concoction I whipped up in the lab. I gave it the simple name: PUBLICITY. I invite you to join me.

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