Stephen O’Grady ’97 has a fascinating article on how blogs “work.”

But for whatever the reason, I decided to look into the keywords a bit more deeply and explore my Google rank beyond the typical search on your name. What I found was surprising, at least to me. What I did was simple: look up the typical keywords people use to arrive here, then Google them myself and see where my entries were placed. What follows is an incomplete list of a variety of searches that my space is returned in the top 10 results on a Google search.

The interesting thing here isn’t that blogs are well regarded in Google; there is, after all, a reason that PR types are continually pitching (or spamming, depending on your view) the A-list bloggers. What’s interesting is that a blog with my ranking can actually do well, albeit in some fairly esoteric areas. . . . I’m as liable to end up with a high Google rank as anyone else out there. Is this a meritocracy or what?

Indeed. The whole post, like so much of what O’Grady writes, is worth your time. Even more fun, though, is that regular readers can look for themselves into EphBlog’s logs and try the same exercise. Some of my favorite Google high rankers are:

Readers are invited to submit their own favorites.

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