Well, I just received my first copy of People Magazine, Williams style, in the mail today. Apparently, the college has decided to split the Alumni Review into two parts: People (issued 3 times a year), which contains the Class Notes and other alumni news, and the Alumni Review (issued 4 times a year), which will continue to report on college news.

People is a more compact format than the Alumni Review, measuring 6 inches wide, 10.5 inches tall, and (in this case) 0.25 inches thick. After getting over the shock — I’d heard no whispers of this heresy from the college — I kinda like it. It’s sort of a nice, toss-it-in-your-briefcase-and-read-it-on-the-plane-or-commuter-rail format. (I still think the type is too small, but based on the angry Letters to the Editor that say the same thing and get ignored, it’s clear I’m not going to win that battle. Apparently everyone who works on the Alumni Review has good eyesight.)

So what do you think about People? Like it, hate it, or somewhere in-between? The college is asking for your feedback via a mail-in card or an online survey (http://www.williams.edu/alumni/alumnireview/survey), but that will take months to collate, and any blunt comments will be smoothed out before public consumption. In this Internet age, why wait? What’s the collective, non-bashful opinion of EphBlog readers?

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