The College, as predicted by EphBlog, has declined to list the 14 faculty members that it considers to be Hispanic. It claims to consider such information “private to the individual.” But EphBlog has many readers and sources. One of them suggested:

Gene Bell-Villada (Romance Languages)
Maria Elena Cepeda (Latino Studies)
Ondine Chavoya (Studio Art)
Joe Cruz (Philosophy and Cognitive Science)
Antonia Foias (Anthropology)
Soledad Fox (Romance Languages)
Berta Jottar (Theater)
Manuel Morales (Biology)
Enrique Peacocke-Lopez (Chemistry)
Ileana Perez Vasquez (Music)
Merida Rua (American Studies and Latino Studies)
Cesar Silva (Math)
Armando Vargas (Comparative Literature)
Carmen Whalen (Latino Studies)

as the magnificent 14. True? I don’t know. I have been told that one of these might be considered a “stretch,” but your mileage may vary.

Interesting to see that Williams has two professors of Latino Studies. Williams also has two statisticians (Richard DeVeaux and Bernhard Klingenberg.) I predict/hope that, in a few decades, this parity will seem bizarre.

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