Here’s a nice update on the baseball career of Jabe Bergeron ’04.

After graduation, Bergeron eagerly anticipated the draft but was ultimately overlooked. But a short time later he received a call from the Mets offering him a contract.

He spent the majority of his time between the Kingsport Mets, a rookie-ball affiliate in the Appalachian League, and the Capital City Bombers, a single-A affiliate in the South Atlantic League.

In the minors he continued to hit for power while keeping a respectable average. He finished his first professional season with a .283 batting average, 10 homeruns and 34 RBIs.

See here for previous posts on Bergeron. Alas, the Mets recently released him. He now plays in Canada.

And the one thing Bergeron said he has learned through all of his experiences is to stick to what you know.

“Once you start getting down then you start wondering, you start tweaking things, you go into a slump,” he said “The more positive you stay, the better you’re going to play. As soon as you start getting into your own head and start analyzing and thinking too much, you start changing things that didn’t need to be changed in the first place.”

A lesson that applies to more than baseball.

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