Tsk, tsk. A former Williams campus life staffer is sweating under the light and heat of FIRE‘s Torch.

Apparently our former Campus Activities Coordinator, Rich Kelley (scroll down), has been actively assisting Heckler’s Vetos at his new home, Washington State University. FIRE’s entire coverage of this shameful incident can be found here.

Now the really interesting question is, “Why am I not surprised in the slightest?”

In contrast to WSU, Williams, as a private institution, is obviously not subject to FOIA requests. I wonder, however, if Kelley engaged in similar shenanigans while he was in the Purple Valley… and even if this were the case, how we’d even know.

It would be wonderful if somebody from the administration would take the time to look into his office’s expenditures and then assure us that that similar malfeasance didn’t occur during Kelley’s tenure in Williamstown… but I won’t hold my breath.

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