For readers interested in blogs and Web site design, I just published a short report comparing how the top 30 colleges/universities (per U.S. News) responded to Katrina on their Web sites.

This is not about the offline behavior — for example, which college is taking in the most students — but rather how they altered their Web sites to disseminate information about student aid, fundraising, alumni status, etc.

Dartmouth, Duke, and MIT did the best job at making it easy for their various constituents (students, alumni, staff) to share information, via well-designed mini-sites as well as blogs and message boards. At the other end of the spectrum, Grinnell and Harvey Mudd have made no reference to Katrina on their Web sites whatsoever — something I find hard to believe, given the national angst and the fact that they must have had some students and alumni impacted by the destruction.

Another oddity is CalTech. Over Labor Day weekend, it had a notice up about Katrina. But rather than pointing to fundraising efforts or notifying people of classmate/alumni whereabouts, it just noted that mail delivery in the Gulf area would be delayed.

Although not mentioned specifically in the report, Williams sits on the border between Best and Standard Practices.

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