Professor Sam Crane and I disagree on many, many things. Yet we both recognize the importance of duty.

I do not pretend to any special wisdom about marital bliss. But, as I think about how it is we have kept our marriage intact and happy and viable for twenty five years, it seems that some combination of duty and luck has kept us going.

Duty is not a popular idea in contemporary America: it tends to be overwhelmed by notions of fun and self-interest and frolic in our youth-oriented, celebrity-driven popular culture. But, beyond the bright lights and front pages, duty is what defines the lives of most Americans. We discover ourselves in our committed actions toward others, most often family members but also neighbors and community groups and ideals larger than ourselves.

Duty defines my life, or at least I aspire for that to be so.

If you’re not reading Sam’s blog every day (easily available via Eph Planet), you’re missing out.

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