According to this snippet, Michael Crotty ’04 is now the directory of player development at the Boston Celtics. Lest you think that this is some huge EphBlog scoop, I should note that the Williams Sports Information page had this news three days ago. Director of Sports Information Dick Quinn also notes that this site is over 7 years old and has had more than 2,000,000 million visitors, although there are probably a few repeat guests in that measure.

As noted before, Quinn does good stuff on behalf of Williams, but I do have two comments.

First, I am concerned that all the fine work done by Quinn and his staff crowds out less good work that might be done by students. The more that Williams does things for students the less that students learn about doing things for themselves. I would rather have all the news releases about individual game results written by students on those teams rather than by Quinn and his staff. The students would not write as well, but they would learn to write better. And, any teams without coverage would have an incentive to provide some. Crotty would certainly be better off in his career if he had learned more about the PR side of the business while at Williams.

Second, it seems pathetic that Williams does such an incredible job of publicizing its athletic achievements while doing so poorly at bragging on its academics. For example, the Political Science department provides virtually no information on its students doing honors work, past or present.

A College that took its academic life more seriously would do more.

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