This is pathetic.

Q: Does anybody know anything about when IM soccer is going to start, or who the student coordinators are?

A: As far as I know, the guys who used to do it left. I do not know if anyone is doing it right now. I would love to do it if I could get some partners to share the effort.

What’s going on? I certainly believe that intramural sports are one of the best and most popular activities on campus. Back in the day, we would be several games into the season by September 21st. Perhaps the organizers of that era — shout out to Brooks Foehl ’88 — were just more squared away that the kids today.

Or is this all part of a diabolical plan on the part of the administration to eviscerate the common life of Williams prior to anchor housing so that there is no place to go but up? Hmmmmm. More likely, of course, is generalized incompetence. If the Director of Student Life is not in charge of this, than who is? Previous rant on IM sports here.

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