A longtime hobby horse of EphBlog is the College’s refusal to be more open in its public communication. E-mails to the entire community, or large subsections of it, ought to be archived and available to all. Until that happy day, EphBlog will provide some highlights. Thanks to an anonymous reader, below are the latest from College Council.

From CUL via CC

Dear Students,

As many of you know, the Committee on Undergraduate Life (CUL) will be continuing work this year on the implementation of the Williams residential house system. To better this process, the CUL has created sub-committees, each of which will be responsible for a specific set of issues and tasks related to the implementation of the house system.

It’s important for students to be represented, and Professor Dudley, Chair of the CUL, and the rest of the CUL have decided to increase the student representation on these committees. We are seeking self-nominations for each of the committees listed below, and encourage you to apply for one or more of these positions:

1. Communication: This group will be responsible for keeping the campus accurately informed about the ongoing work of the CUL, and for soliciting input from the campus regarding that work. This will involve web-based outreach (via the CUL site, and hopefully WSO), and ongoing communication with the Record, CC, JAs (and, through them, the first-year class as a whole), and MinCo.

2. Transition Process: This group will be responsible for thinking through the issues related to the transition from the free agent system to the house system, including devising the process for affiliating current students with houses this coming spring. The group will make its recommendations to the Dean by Thanksgiving.

3. House Governance: This group will be responsible for thinking about how to structure the governing bodies of the new houses so that they are accountable and responsive to the needs of all house members. It will also consider the relationship between the house system and the structure of CC. It will make its recommendations to the Dean by the end of Winter Study.

4. Programming and Funding: This group will be responsible for thinking about the wide variety of events and activities that the house system will support. This includes events that will “kick-off” the new house system this coming spring and in the fall of ’06, as well as ongoing programming that will include special meals, intramurals, big weekend events (Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Spring Fling), events involving first-year social affiliates, and events involving faculty affiliates. It will make its recommendations to the Dean by the end of Winter Study.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation: This group will be responsible for thinking about how to evaluate the success of the new house system, in order that it can continue to improve over time. It will make its recommendations to the Dean by Spring Break.

Self-nominations will be due by noon on Sunday, September 18th, to 06jal@williams.edu. If you are applying to more than one of the subcommittees, it is not necessary to submit separate self-noms, but please indicate your preference. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Justin Lavner
CC Secretary

From College Council.

Dear Students,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great summer and are enjoying your first few weeks back on campus. Here are some College Council updates to start off the year:

To begin, one of our Co-Presidents, Jessica Howard, will not be on campus this semester. We will miss her and wish her all the best this Fall. The position of Vice President will be added to the upcoming College Council elections, and a replacement Vice President will be confirmed at the first College Council meeting in October. More information on the election will be sent out in the next few days.

We will also be electing House Representatives in the upcoming elections. Representing your house as a member of College Council is a great way to get involved and improve the school, and we encourage you to run.

Until then, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the upcoming year please let us know:

President: Alex Bal (06asb)
Secretary: Justin Lavner (06jal)
Treasurer: Godfrey Bakuli (07gmb)

At-Large Representative: Charles Howard (07cnh)
At-Large Representative: Eric Cheung (06eac)
At-Large Representative: Ameeda Chowdhury (07ahc)
At-Large Representative: Matt McClure (08mgm)

Class of 2006 Representative: Jessi England (06jme)
Class of 2007 Representative: Suranjit Tilakawardane (07st)
Class of 2008 Representative: Morgan Goodwin (08mjg)

Minority Coalition (MinCo) Representative: Samreen Kazmi (07sfk)
Minority Coalition (MinCo) Representative: Jason Ren (08jcr)

Best wishes for a great year!

The College Council

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