Have you heard the news? Following in the footsteps of EphBlog, Williams College has created its own blog.

Williams College has always been a place about ideas. We love talking about them, writing about them, and refining them through open, often lively conversation. This blog is just a natural extension of that tradition. Our hope is to use the blog as a forum in which to exchange nascent ideas with each other and also a wider audience, and to hear feedback about which ideas are compelling and which could use some re-tooling.

Posting here over the next many weeks will be a mix of Williams friends, faculty, and alumni. On the sidebar, we will maintain a running list of who is posting during any given week and also a separate list of the topics then in play. When we officially start today, for example, President Morty Schapiro, Fay Vincent ’60, and Professor Sam Crane will be with us; soon after, former Economics Professor Mike McPherson, Dan Drezner ’90, and Professor Lucie Schmidt are slated to come aboard.

Lastly, this is obviously still an experiment, and so we welcome feedback and suggestions as we get things off the ground.

Great stuff! This is the future. Is anyone listening?

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