Assistant Economics Professor Alan de Brauw writes that:

My research stems from an interest in understanding the reasons that a few people (on the planet) are so rich and most people in the world are very poor. I am interested in examining this question from the perspective of the household and the village. As far as the larger reasons are concerned, a link to a quite obvious reason is here.

All perfectly reasonable until you click on the “here” and are whisked away to the home page of the White House.

I suspect that de Brauw did not create this link when President Clinton was in the White House.

Why is this so pathetic? Let me count the ways.

1) It does not even occur to the cloistered de Brauw that this might be inappropriate. In the world of Williams faculty, contempt for George Bush is virtually universal. The 50%+ of the US population that voted for him are either idiotic or evil.

2) It does not even occur to the untenured de Brauw that this might be career-threatening. At Williams, casual dismissal of conservative views never hurt anyone’s tenure chances.

3) It does not even occur to the clueless de Brauw that nothing signficant would be different in places like East Timor, Tanzania, Madagascar and most other very poor countries if John Kerry (or Al Gore) had won the Presidency. Even if the sainted Clinton had been president for the last 13 years, the vast majority of people on Earth would still be “very poor.”

As always, I love the fact that Williams has outspoken left-wing faculty. It’s lack of outspoken right-wing faculty is a disgrace.

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