Interesting comments on Dan Drezner’s ’90 tenure denial from Swarthmore’s Tim Burke.

Many smart academics could potentially write a blog rather like Dan Drezner’s: it is not what he writes per se in his blog that is an indication of his distinctive quality as an intellectual, but that he wrote it in a situation where it was potentially career-threatening to do so, and certainly not career-enhancing. That indicates a clarity of commitment to the public character of scholarly work and to the communicative ability that is one of the foundations of good teaching.

Exactly right. I try to limit myself to one out-of-the-blue e-mail to Morty each year. Last year, my topic was posting senior theses on-line. This year, it was a suggestion to hire Drezner. Getting Drezner, who will certainly have offers from elsewhere, might be expensive, but I would wager that he would only cost 75% the salary of another recent hire in the political science department.

Readers may differ on who would benefit the education of Williams students more.

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