Interesting article in the New York Sun on the denial of tenure to Dan Drezner ’90 at Chicago.

As thousands of his online readers know, Mr. Drezner didn’t heed his own advice. Instead, he rose to blogosphere prominence. His site is perhaps the most widely read blog focusing on the international political economy, turning scholarly research on issues like outsourcing, the politics of trade, and monetary policy into bite-size pieces of analysis for a wider audience.

On Friday, Mr. Drezner’s first blog entry came back to haunt him: He was informed by his department that he was denied tenure and would have to look elsewhere for a job.

Mr. Drezner says he’s confident that his blog did not play a major role in the decision. “I would caution people against jumping to conclusions,” he told The New York Sun yesterday in a telephone interview. Answering his own question about whether he had any regrets about blogging, he wrote on his site, “I can’t say I didn’t go into this with my eyes open.”

Although I expect that Drezner would have been denied tenure even if he had not blogged, it is hard to know for sure. Marc Lynch offers his condolences. More commentary here.

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