Marc Lynch points out that “it’s been raining for twenty-seven straight years here in the Berkshires” and then, a short while later, the sun it out. Hmmm. Marc may be more powerful than I give him credit for. He also reports that

My friend Jenn Mattern has a great story about meeting her idol Meryl Streep at an art opening in Mass Moca. What she didn’t tell you was that the Aardvark family was there too. We ran into Jenn on our way to the KidSpace area of the museum. She was positively vibrating with excitement, and told us that Meryl Streep was not only here, but was walking this way! While she and Mrs Aardvark were chatting, I started running up and down the pathway with the cub, who was rather less impressed with Meryl Streep’s presence than with the chance to run up and down the sloping path at breakneck speeds. She then nearly tripped Meryl Streep by cutting right in front of Meryl Streep while screaming with delight (the cub, not Meryl). And then…. Meryl Streep gave her – and horrified me – a dazzling Meryl Streep smile, and said “hey there, Sparkles!” I’ve never been a particular fan of Meryl Streep, but she really impressed me in that moment – thanks, Meryl Streep!

Who says that Williamstown is isolated? Note that the incomparable Jenn Mattern has been added to our Eph Blogroll. This is somewhat suspect since Jenn isn’t really an official Eph, but we at EphBlog consider anyone in the College area with connections to Williams to be an Eph, so there you go. Besides, she is just too funny not include.

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