EphBlog joins with Morty Schapiro in welcoming the latest visitor from Xavier University.

To the Williams Community,

I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently been joined for the semester by Heike Geisler, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Xavier University of Louisiana. She’ll be working on her scholarship in physical chemistry along with helping to support the eight Xavier students in residence and interacting with regular Williams faculty, students, and staff. We’ve been able to provide her with transportation, an office, and an apartment. She’ll also receive support while here from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Thank you to all on campus who have helped make her residency possible, especially Bill Lenhart, professor of computer science, who continues to devote a significant part of his leave time to coordinate this effort. Please join in welcoming Professor Geisler to our community.


M. Schapiro

Alas, I’ll have to rely on Geoff Hutchinson ’99 to explain the sort of chemistry that Professor Geisler works on. How much will Professor Geisler be able to accomplish in the remaining 8 weeks of the semester? I don’t know, but she obviously wouldn’t have come if she didn’t want to.

Although the web does not make this clear, I believe that Geisler is German (her Ph.D. is from Ruhr University of Bochum). I would be curious to know if she were involved in the pre-med program at Xavier last year and if any of the Xavier pre-meds at Williams knew her already. The College had originally hoped to bring up several Xavier faculty, especially those associated with the pre-med program. That plan fell through because, I think, the contacted faculty had little interest in coming. I do not know if Geisler was contacted about coming back in September — Did the College extend a blanket invitation to every faculty member at Xavier? — or if the College has been proceeding down some list of faculty, ordered somehow, and only recently got to Geisler.

Professors from Tulane could not be reached for comment.

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