Happy Birthday to Aidan Crane.

Today is Aidan’s fourteenth birthday. At one level, this should be unremarkable: just another adolescent boy passing another year marker, working his way awkwardly to adulthood. But, of course, Aidan is anything but typical. On each of his birthdays, Maureen, my wife, and I hug or high-five. We don’t have to say anything. The reference is clear: we, Aidan and us, have tacked on another year, defying for a bit longer, the pessimistic prediction of the doctors who said he would die young. Fourteen is not old but it is longer than their gloomy assessments when he was an infant. While there have been difficult times, there has been joy and happiness in Aidan’s life, and in ours because of him. Happy birthday.

From all of us at EphBlog as well.

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