It’s Mountain Day! In our continuing effort to archive the College’s official communications, below are two e-mails from Morty on the topic. Comments:

1) Readers should submit their stories and observations in the comments below. Many Ephs who are too far away from Williamstown would like to live vicariously through you.

2) Many pictures will be taken and posted today. Please provide links in the comments.

3) Carpe diem and falling in love are recurring themes at EphBlog. Today is a good day for both.


It’s a day for our community!

All classes are cancelled!

Get outside,

Meet new people,

And make the most of it!

Here’s a message from Scott Lewis:

“Visit to see the list of hikes and on-campus events — due to the previous rain, road conditions are poor so we ask folks not to drive up to Stony Ledge on Mt. Greylock. Community picnic begins at 11:00 a.m. on the Frosh Quad where there will also be information boards.

Most importantly, please remember that this is an opportunity to “seize the day” and to celebrate our wonderful community and place. Try to make every effort to enjoy the company of your fellow students, faculty, and staff – don’t forget to breathe deeply and let yourself be WOWed by a New England Autumn!”


Have a great day!

Morton Owen Schapiro

And here is the e-mail that Morty sent out a few days ago.

To the Williams Community,

Given the number of rumors circulating about Mountain Day, I thought it
would be useful to tell you where things stand.

As you know, Mountain Day is a day for our community to celebrate the unique rural setting that distinguishes Williams College. When the Faculty voted to reinstate the tradition, they stipulated that it take place on one of the first three Fridays in October. It can’t be held any other day. If the weather on all three of those Fridays is unsuitable for outdoor activity, there is no Mountain Day that year. In that case, the last Friday at the end of the semester becomes an extra reading period day, with no option to take self-scheduled or take-home exams.

A decision about whether to hold Mountain Day will be made early Friday morning. If it does take place, the all-campus picnic will be held on the Frosh Quad lawn instead of on Sawyer Lawn. In the meantime, I hope that you are enjoying our beautiful surroundings whenever you have the opportunity.

M. Schapiro

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