Tim Burke wonders whether college could be cheaper. An interesting discussion follows. Best part is a long comment from our own HWC, noting among other things, that Williams’s per student spending and net per student price after discounts were $66,936 and $25,734. Are those numbers correct?

The second seems doubtful to me. See here for some useful budget numbers. Williams student revenue (all tuition/living charges) in 2004 was around $70 million. With about 2000 students, that works out to $35,000 per student. I suspect that HWC is providing the net price for the 50% or so of students on financial aid. They pay about 25,000 on average while the other half pay about 40,000. (I realize that these numbers don’t quite add up, but it was the best that I could do.)

Tim refers (correctly!) to HWC’s analysis as “extraordinarily useful,” a compliment that my own meager comments on his site have yet to earn.

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