Nathan Friend and “The Hour” make their triumphant return to Eph Blog to announce tomorrow’s special show topic: the history of Homecoming.

Join me on WCFM Williamstown tomorrow, Friday the 11th, from 4-5 in the afternoon as I discuss past traditions and how they measure up to Homecoming today with guest John Hyde, professor of history emeritus (he’s been around since the ’60’s).

Listen live on campus at 91.9 FM or online at

I encourage all current and former students to join in the discussion as well; what are some of your memories of homecoming? What traditions were around when you were here? What are your impressions of Homecoming today? Email me your stories at or call in during the broadcast at (413) 597-2197.

It’s been a while, I know, so here’s a refresher on the show itself:

‘The Hour’ is a weekly news and local events show that focuses on topics of interest to the Williams College community. Every Friday from 4-5, I look at issues important to the college with the help of students, faculty, administrators, and community leaders.

Since last spring, I have done shows that deal with student issues, like College Council elections (my guests were both pairs of candidates); campus issues, like the ongoing and upcoming construction projects (with Irene Addison, Dave Pilachowski, and Michael Briggs); and community issues, like the state of small businesses in Williamstown (with the owners of Library Antiques and Tunnel City Coffee). In addition, at the end of last year I did a year-in-review show with Record Editor-in-Chief Ainsley O’Connell and President Morton Schapiro.

Please email me your questions, comments or suggestions to

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