A recurring theme at EphBlog is the support of Ephs in the military, especially those serving in a war zone. Fellow EphBlogger Stewart Menking ’79 has been organizing the the Williams College AdoptAnAlum program for more than a year. Current Ephs in uniform in Iraq include: Ben Kamilewicz ’99, Joel Iams ’01 and Lee Kindlon ’98. Stewart writes:

Williams College: AdoptAnAlum

Thank you for your interest in supporting our alumni in harms way! I know that Ben, Joel and Lee will really appreciate any support you can give them. No one in the military can get too much. Here’s a brief write-up of how to show your support!

SGT Ben Kamilewicz
A/1 172 ARBN
2BCT 28 ID
APO AE 09362-9997
BKamilewicz _at_ aol.com

1stLt J. M. Iams
2d Bn, 7th Mar H&S
UIC 41545
FPO AP 96426-1545

Capt. Lee Kindlon
2/6 H & S Company
Unit 73175 S-1 SJA
FPO AE 09509-3175
LKindlon _at_ hotmail.com

Ben (Army), Joel (Marines) and Lee (Marines) are the three Williams alumni who are currently deployed in harms way. They are all in Iraq. There are three great ways to show your support.

1. Send them an actual snail mail letter. A-political, of course. Soldiers and Marines love getting mail. Getting mail turns a tough day into Christmas morning.

2. Send them an e-mail. A-political, of course. Soldiers and Marines love getting e-mail. Short ones though because on-line time is limited and not always available.

3. Send them CARE PACKAGES. We all loved getting packages from home when we were at Williams. Soldiers and Marines LOVE getting packages from home.

Sending packages is easy. Just make sure you tape up all the edges well to keep out sand and “sticky fingers.” And the Post Office will give you the appropriate Customs form for you to fill out. It’s just a glorified mailing label.

They love to get anything you send! However, you are NOT allowed to send the following: alcohol (illegal); pork (illegal); chocolate (it melts in the heat). What every soldier and Marine (soldiers don’t like being called Marines and vice versa) does appreciate is:

Two-ply toilet paper (No Kidding! )
Baby Wipes (for showering)
Slim Jims
AA and AAA batteries
Crystal Light
Gatorade Drink Mix (They put it in their canteens. 130 degree water gets boring.)
Starbucks Coffee
“Bar” food (Granola Bars, Power Bars, etc)
Anything else you want to send.

First three on the list are the most sought items. If you have any questions, comments or jokes, please call me or e-mail me.

Thanks to Stewart for organizing such a worthwhile project. I have written brief notes to all three Ephs and thanked them for their service. Men like them ensure that my daughters can sleep safely in their beds tonight.

Have you sent them anything? Have you sent any service member anything, even a brief e-mail? If not then — whatever your views of US military activity in Iraq or Afganistan or Kosovo or anywhere else — you can hardly claim to “support the troops.”

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