EphBlog’s Oxford correspondent Noah Smith-Drelich ’07 notes that a Clark exhibit is featured on CNN.

He was as adept at drawing a charging brigade of Civil War soldiers as he was painting outdoorsmen scouting a mountaintop view in the Adirondacks.

And the seascapes illustrated from his vantage point on the rocky Maine coast captured an uneasy balance between the violence of whitecapped ocean waves and the tranquility of a sunrise over the Atlantic’s horizon.

Winslow Homer was a chronicler of American times and a recorder of the country’s landscapes, a mostly self-taught artist who did not have to wait for a posthumous nod from critics and collectors who called him one of the most important artists of the 19th century.

Now we need an Eph writer who will connect Homer’s art to a campus controversy with the same style and verve that Aidan used in describing our collective hope to live on Beer Street. Suggestions are welcome.

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