What happens to College Council Presidents when they leave Williams? Good question! It seems that Carter Zinn ’88 is still involved in politics, even 20 years later.

So instead of talking about that, virtually everybody at the meeting Friday concentrated on a proposal to charge people for walking and biking across the bridge.

Carter Zinn was one of several citizens who stood up Friday to urge the board to drop the proposal. “Every bicyclist is another car off the street,” said Zinn. “I think the district should actually find a way to subsidize bicyclists rather than charging them.”

Others pointed out that such a toll would generate a maximum of only $1 million over five years if the number of people currently crossing the bridge doesn’t drop, everyone pays and the toll system doesn’t cost anything to implement. But several directors said bicyclists and pedestrians need to pay their share.

“This district is in financial crisis,” said Mike Kerns, who represents Sonoma County. “We have some serious decisions to make and they are not going to be popular with the public.”

As my running mate and I discovered back in the day, you campaign against Carter Zinn at your own peril . . .

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