Sam Crane has thoughts on a Taoist Thanksgiving.

A Taoist, then, would give thanks, in the sense of recognizing and gratefully subordinating oneself to uncontrollable forces of Tao that shape our lives and produce the good (as well as the bad) around us.

It is in that spirit that I give thanks. And as I give thanks in that way (Way), with Aidan silently sitting next to me in his wheelchair, air rattling in and out of his tracheostomy tube, I am thankful for him in precisely the way that he is. I do not regret his disabilities (this is not Regretsgiving Day, after all). Of course, if I were some omnipotent divinity able to determine the conditions of his life, I would call a do-over and have him fully abled in all the ways he is not now. But I am not omnipotent. I am subordinated to Tao, and Tao moves as it will, with no heed to my desires or expectations.

But can I be positively grateful for his disability? Yes. I can because I have come to see that his experience of Tao is just as valuable and worthwhile as any other experience of Tao.

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