This New York Times article isn’t about EphBlog.

There is no excuse for the poor judgment of the busted, but it is intriguing how an overdose of college fanaticism has created a strain of voyeurs who have morphed into Internet nannies, gaining more empowerment with every miscreant they take down.

Their blogs, e-mail messages and downloads have permanence because a tip can be delivered straight to the top of athletic departments and universities under the mask of anonymity.

But it could have been.

By the way, every Eph’s favorite racist, Aida Laleian is on-leave for 2005-2006, relaxing and rejuvenating herself for future Art Department meetings. Your tuition dollars at work.

But surely the College has learned something from the experience. Surely some committee was formed to investigate how someone like Laleian was hired by Williams and how she was tenured. Surely the idiots folks who made those decisions have been called to account. Surely they are not the same folks in charge of hiring and tenuring the next round of faculty hires. Surely someone is asking questions about a process which seems to result in a lot of faculty jobs going to the spouses/partner of current faculty. (Or didn’t you know that Laleian is married to Art Professor Steve Levin?)

Surely someone in authority will tell concerned alumni about how all this happened.

Ha! That will be the day . . .

The article ends with

This moment of unsolicited fame for Kyle will pass quickly. Soon, another snapshot of collegiate ignobility is bound to land as a pop-up on the Internet.

Who is the next target? Just log on to find out.

Indeed. Have we told you the one about the Eph porn star yet? Stay tuned.

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