There is a spectrum of opinion among female Ephs on the virtue of modesty. At one end, we have Wendy Shalit ’97 author of “A Room of One’s Own”, one of the most controversial articles about Williams in the last decade. (Note our previous discussion of Shalit’s work, especially the last comment by Eric Smith ’99. If anyone could send in a copy of that article, it would be fun to post some selections, consistent with Fair Use, of course.)

Shalit is also the founder of the Modesty Zone.

Modesty Zone is an informal community of young women who don’t have a voice in the mainstream media. It was founded in 2005 by Wendy Shalit.

Whether you’re a virgin waiting until marriage, or just against casual sex more generally, you can find a safe harbor here to share your ideals, interests, and goals for the future.

Join forces with other young women who are tired of power struggles between the sexes. Believe in the possibility of real intimacy.

Speaking of intimacy, at the other end of the modesty spectrum we have the female Eph (a current undergraduate) who appears in a porn video. A clip from the full video is available free of charge on the web and has been viewed, I believe, by a majority of male undergraduates at Williams (and, no doubt, many female undergraduates as well). Comments:

1) We will not be posting a link to the video (although one of my fellow EphBloggers has kindly volunteered to provide a link to the video to any interested readers . . . for, uh, research purposes, of course). Long time readers will fondly recall our discussion about what sorts of sites EphBlog should link to. Since the site in question is not really an Eph site — more a site on which one Eph appears — there isn’t much of an issue here.

2) We will not be posting the name of the Eph here. She does not use her real name and so we may assume that she has no interest in publicizing her participation.

3) I would still be curious to hear arguments against these decisions, should anyone choose to make them. If the young Eph in question wanted us to post a link (or her name) we would probably comply — Grrrl Power and all that — but my guess is that she regrets the whole experience. Then again, perhaps I am just another voice from the patriarchy. That’s what all my feminists friends said 20 years ago.

4) I wonder if the Record will cover this story, with or without the same sort of discretion exhibited by EphBlog. On the one hand, it is clearly news on campus. On the other hand, the current Editor-in-Chief, Ainsley O’Connell ’06, is a woman. I think female Ephs have a different take on this situation than male Ephs, at least on average. Perhaps her predecessors Bart Clareman ’05 or Mike Needham ’04 would have handled it differently.

5) There is a great senior thesis to be written about pornography and Williams. No, really! Students today, I am sure, think about and interact with pornography in a different way than students in my era — although a special shout-out to my avant-garde theatre roommates for being on the cutting edge of this topic in 1986-1987 — much less in my father’s era. [Do you really want some stories about pornography in the DKE House 50 years ago? — ed. Probably not. But Frank Uible is unlikely to be silent on this topic.] Tracing that social evolution would make for interesting reading.

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