Few have criticized the Committee on Undergraduate Life as much as I have. Yet allow me to give credit where credit is due. If we are stuck going to the land of anchor/cluster/neighborhood/whatever-this-week’s-name-is housing, it is nice to see the CUL lead us there in as transparent a manner as possible. See here for an overview of the CUL’s work.

Special praise to:

1) The Governance Subcommittee, led Professor Eiko Maruko Siniawer (who for some reason only merits two names on the main CUL page), for putting up meeting minutes. This is great stuff and allows all concerned to follow and provide feedback.

2) Brian Hirshman ’06 for working so hard on the Transition Committee. You can read the committee’s report here as well as Record coverage here. See here for his work on eliciting student opinion. The reason that Hirshman deserves special praise is because he was a leader of the Anchor Away folks, fighting with every resource at his disposal to stop Anchor Housing. To word so hard, and then lose, and then come back to work hard again to make a fundamentally bad idea as least bad as it can be displays a level of committment and maturity that I, at least, have yet to achieve. If there is a more deserving candidate for the William Bradford Turner Citizenship Prize in the class of 2006, I don’t know who it would be.

3) Will Dudley for running the whole show. I have had many disagreements with Will over the course of this debate, but no honest observor can deny that the CUL is working in an open and scholarly manner this year. He deserves great credit.

But don’t worry, all our fans of snarky commentary and outrageous putdowns. There is much here to mock as well, and the mocking will commence soon enough.

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