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Merry Christmas

Surely the goofiest of EphBlog ideas is our annual Eph Holiday Card Collection.

Happy Holidays from the Kanes

Basic idea is that there are many Ephs out there to whom I should send a Christmas card to but, alas, to whom I don’t. I suspect that this is true for many of our readers. Top of my particular list would be my fellow EphBloggers and windmill-tilters at Anchors Away, with a special nod to those elite few who worked on our plea to the trustees (Andrew Goldston ’08, Jonathan Landsman ’05, Daniel Rosensweig ’08 and Joseph Shoer ’06).

What to do? EphBlog is here to help! Send a Holiday card to us. We will scan it in and post it. Presto! Your good wishes for the holidays are magically transmitted to Ephs far and wide. Send cards to:

David Kane
30 Washington Street
Newton, MA 02458