There was a robbery on campus this morning.

To the Williams Community,

A student came to the Campus Safety & Security Office this afternoon and reported being accosted at around ten o’clock this morning.

He said that he had been walking around campus delivering posters when he turned from Park Street onto Mission Park Drive and someone then grabbed him from behind and asked for his money, which he handed over, and threatened him not to tell anyone.

The student reported being poked in the side, his jacket and shirt were torn, and he had a superficial wound that did not warrant medical attention.

Campus Safety notified Williamstown Police, who are investigating the incident.

The student described the assailant as a scruffy Caucasian male in his late 30s or early 40s, around 5’9” or 5’10”, with medium-length light brownish white hair, wearing a blue waist-length cloth coat and faded blue jeans.

Anyone who may have relevant information should contact either Williamstown Police (458-5733) or Williams College Campus Safety (X4444).

Everyone is reminded to use caution when walking outdoors. Report suspicious persons or activity immediately by calling 9-9-1-1 from campus phones or 458-5646 from cell phones. Cell phone calls do not provide enhanced building information or campus address so you must provide all relevant information to the police dispatcher.

Thank you,

Jean Thorndike
Director of Campus Safety and Security

I don’t know of another robbery like this on campus, either in the distant past or more recently. Back in the day, the doors to all the dorms were open to anyone and a majority of students did not lock their rooms.

By the way, it would be cool if the new Willipedia project set up a system to archive every all-campus e-mail. Future historians will praise you!

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