Your highly skilled team at EphBlog [Eric? — ed. Yes, Eric.] is reworking our Eph Blogroll as well as Eph Planet. (For those who don’t know, the blogroll is a listing of all the blogs we know of that are by Ephs and actively maintained. Eph Planet is the collection of all the posts from all those blogs, with some technical exceptions involving group blogs without single author feeds.) How can you help?

1) Suggest other Eph blogs that we should include.

2) Provide the name and class for some of the “unknown” blogs listed at the bottom of the blog roll. These are blogs by, it seems, Ephs but without enough information to confirm a name and class. (We also have provide an “anonymous” category for those Ephs who want to, you know, remain anonymous. We don’t think that any of our unknowns are in that category, but, if they are, we would like to know that too.)

Reader comments are, as always, welcome.

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