I spent an hour listening to “The Hour” with Nathan Friend this afternoon with Dean Roseman as one of the guests. Very frustrating! Rant follows.

1) Does anyone listen to this show? We have been pleased to help advertise “The Hour” in the past. It is certainly nice for the College to have a talk radio show focused on Williams. But if Nathan only tosses softball questions to his guests, as he did today, I can’t imagine who would want to listen.

2) Nathan should not be asking for call-ins from his listeners unless he, you know, wants people to call-in. I did get on for a few moments, but was cut off because of the break (which I understand). But I couldn’t get back on for the rest of the show, nor were any other call-ins taken.

3) I had a nice talk with Nathan afterwards. He listened with much more patience and kindness than I deserve to various screeds. Once he comes back from semester abroad, I will give “The Hour” another try.

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