Classmate and one of the original Eph Bloggers Kim Daboo ’88 has much to say on the wonders of having Three Dogs and a Baby.

To sib or not to sib. I’ve been thinking about the whole second baby thing for a while now. With my 40th birthday less than two months away, time’s a-wastin’.

One of my first thoughts after surviving Oliver’s delivery was utter amazement that some women go through it more than once. I was thrilled to have my son but my body felt like it had been through hell. My mother had five kids. The mind boggles. When I got over the initial trauma, and the area of my body known to my nurses as “the war zone” finally surrendered, I started to go back and forth in my head, many many many times a day, over whether Oliver should have a sibling.

Read the whole thing. Indeed, there is no more honest and heartfelt description of the trials and tribulations of motherhood in all of Eph Planet.

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