In an earlier thread, Daniel wrote:

After graduation I spent two years working as an admission officer at an elite small liberal arts college (not Williams, not in the NESCAC), and all I really have to add to your discussion is that nearly every conversation you have in this blog about admissions is infuriating; any demographic trend leads immediately to a largely baseless conspiracy theory (the leaps of logic astound me). As you continue, keep this in mind: the manifold goals and priorities of a given admission office are a lot to juggle and keep track of as you read and evaluate hundreds of individual applications and large scale patterns are difficult to see, especially given the uncertainty of yield.


1) There would be a lot fewer conspiracy theories if the College were more transparent.

2) I count the quota for international students as a (real) conspiracy that we helped to uncover. Surely I was not the only reader of EphBlog who was surprised to know that Williams treats applicants from outside the US the way that Harvard/Yale/Princeton treated Jews 75 years ago.

3) Thanks to Daniel for taking the time to educate us. We need more informed commentary from people with actual admissions experience. One fine day, I will have some sources within the admissions department at Williams, in addition to Dick Nesbitt, of course. But that fine day is not quite here.

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