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Spencer ’77 Trustee Status

JoAnn Muir kindly corrected some mistakes that I made in this overview of the board of trustees at Williams. She notes that:

Clayton Spencer was elected “Trustee” effective July 1, 2003, with a 5-year appointment. Please note that we no longer use the designation “Permanent Trustee.” The Trustees elect one “Term Trustee” and one “Alumni Trustee” each year (each serves a five-year term). All other Trustees elected in a given year are deemed “Trustees.” Term lengths for “Trustees” vary, with a maximum term of fifteen years. “Trustees” can be re-appointed at the end of their terms as long as they have not served for fifteen years.

This also answers some questions that I raised here. I am still a little confused, but have already spend enough time on this topic. It would be handy if the College made public the terms for each of the trustees. More transparency please. Thanks again to Muir for the clarification.

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