One of the Unknowns in our Eph Blogroll is turning 40.

In the middle of our laughter about the “thirtysomething” reference, both Steve and I stopped middle snort and began to babble profusely about the show by that name that was on television in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Does anybody else remember that show about the two married couples and the two single people who were great friends in suburban Philly?

We couldn’t imagine being so old, so mature, so engulfed in home ownership, advising friends with marital problems, and single friends who wanted to be married. We never thought we would ever be like them. I find it quite interesting that an entire decade of my life has passed and I don’t recall thinking about that show once during our “thirtysomething” years. But I know exactly why I never thought about the show during the past ten years: We were living it out.

As have all the Ephs of our generation. Most of the class on 1988 is turning 40 about now. Happy Birthdays to us all.

But who is “GailNHB”?

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